Reseau mat
We are a trading, service and logistics company in the European market.
15+ years
We have been engaged in the analysis of the European market of industrial equipment, machinery, building materials. We help our clients in the search for distributors of machinery, equipment and building materials.
Europe and Asia
We have experience in the markets of Europe and Asia, established systems of partnerships with logistics companies, distributors and equipment manufacturers, transport companies.
Our clients
We proceed from the needs of our clients, we are ready to work in new changing circumstances with different markets and counterparties.
Trade in industrial equipment and machinery
New and refurbished
Industrial air conditioners
Industrial pumps and heating systems
Machines, trucks, cranes and excavators, spare parts and equipment components
Wine production lines
Food Production Lines
Trade in building materials
Aerated concrete blocks, floor systems, coatings and cladding materials
Woodworking products
Industrial chemistry, coatings
In addition to trading equipment, we provide our customers with a wide range of services
Analysis and analytics of the industrial equipment market
Search for suppliers, conclusion and maintenance of contracts, document management
Search for financing for projects
Logistics and transport services
Insurance of projects and contracts
Administration of procurement, logistics and transportation
Staff rental - Outstaffing, Outsourcing
Procurement and project support
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UAB Reseau mat
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